Dream league soccer goalkeeper kit URL 2019,2020 [*New*]


Dream league soccer goalkeeper kit URL in the internet many people are facing an issue about getting URL of goalkeeper kit, so today we are coming for solve that issue. In this article, e are giving any time working URLs of DLS goalkeeper kit URLs.in any team of dream league soccer game contains these kits which are mentioned below.

  • Logo of the team,
  • Goalkeeper home kit,
  • Goalkeeper away kit
  • Team way kit
  • Team home kit

So from above five, we are sharing working URLs of goalkeeper kit of dream league soccer. Why we are talking about working URLs because on the internet after downloading we are getting different sizes so that is not comfortable to play the game.here are guiding to download those logos and kits with suitable size, urlI mean 512×512 size.so just follow below instructions to download dream league soccer goalkeeper kit URL.

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How to Get Url of Dream League Soccer Logos And Kits

  1. First, tap on the logo and then “hold press on the image
  2. You will get four option after “hold press on the screen” like shown in below image
  3. dream league soccer goalkeeper kit url
  4. Then select “Copy Image URL” option then that image URL will be copied.
  5. So now open DLS game and past the URL of goalkeeper kit. done 🙂
  6. Guys, now you know the process once apply above method on below logo and kits

Dream League Soccer 2019 Goalkeeper Kits URL







If you are using Kodi app Then here helpful article: olpair.com

The is the simple way to get the URL of any logo and kits.i think many people already know about this process but few peoples are still asking about this that why we are sharing this method.thanks to everyone supporting me and I am very happy to clarify your doubts.

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