Dream League Soccer Logos with URLs (2019-2020 EDITION)

The Dream League Soccer is a game that is invented by First Touch Games English Studio for Android & IOS on 25th February 2016. Soccer covers Diego Costa, player of Arsenal, player of Aaron Ramsey & Chelsea.  Initially, it got the name with the invented year that is Dream League Soccer logos & kits 2018 but after in October 2016, the name was updated and changed as Dream League Soccer(DLS). The Soccer is one of the most popular games that is played by Smartphone users.

In this article, we are going to provide you with Dream League logos 2018. The DLS is a game for android or IOS users which gets millions of downloads in a very short period and got a high response from all the gamers over the globe.

If you like to have your own soccer team where you can manage your team according to you and select the logos and kits as per your choice, then the Dream League Soccer is one of the best options for you.  Not in the real existing world but in the virtual life you will have your own team. In this DLS arena, you will get the team with super weak members, with the choices to recruit two strong team members.

Your first job you have to do is being the manager of a team called Dream FC., which have the players within the squad. The main ambition as an owner to put your team in the top positions after completion of your seasonal task.

You have to bring your team on top by rank up to division, the Elite Division where all the famous club gather. The more matches you win your team will become stronger. Before winning the match you just need to motivate your team to get stronger than before. The Player of DLS is free to change the setting for the Dream League Logo & kits and jersey according to their choice.

Dream League Soccer Logos & Urls Import Process:-

Many of the users already known how to import the URLs but numerous of candidates yet unknown with the process to import the Logo URLs.  Below are some instructions need to be followed to import the Dream League Soccer Logo URLs:-

  • Initially open the Dream League Soccer 2018.
  • Now you have to select “MY Club” Option.
  • Then Click on the import Logo section.
  • Place the selected logo URL (max 512*512 pixels) in that.
  • Hit on the Accept button.
  • Now your logo downloading will start, and now you will have your own logo.

Dream League Soccer  Kits URL For 2018:-

Below we are listed down some of the Dream League Soccer Kits Url 2017 or list of football clubs for all of you to use in building your team.  You can try any of these football Clubs logo and Url for your own team and build a unique identity for your football team.

Atletico Madrid Kit URL :- The Atletico Madrid is a name of club Atletico de Madrid that is a football club in spain. This football club is build on the basis of a city named Madrid that was founded in 26th April 1903.

Atletico Madrid Kit URL


Barcelona Kit Url :- The club Futbol Barcelona is based on Football professional club Barcelona in Catalonia. In this world the Barcelona is the 2nd most valuable club with the estimated value of $3.2 billion, and also the fourth richest club of football in the purpose of its revenue with per year turn over of $484.6 million.

Barcelona Kit Url 2017


Borussia Dortmund Kit Url :- This is the team played in Budesliga, that is the top layer of German Football League system.  The Name Borussia is the Latin transform of the former state of Prussia. The Borussia Dortmund team has a large tradition in the Europe and Germany.

Borussia Dortmund Kit Url 2017


Fenerbahce Kit Url :- This football club refer to Turkish in Istanbul. The Fenerbahce Spor Kulubu is founded in 1907 and have the one of the best clubs among all the Turkish Football Clubs. The Stadium is located at the Asian Side of the Turkish City.

Fenerbahce Kit Url 2017-18


Manchester United Kit Url :- In the English Football History the Manchester United is known as the biggest Team that wins 23 major titles 6th November  1986, when the Sir Alex Ferguson become the manager of Manchester United.


Manchester City Kit Url :- This Club is based on its city that is Manchester. The Manchester City is an English Football Club, which currently organizes Premier Leagues. The Manchester City was founded in November , 23rd When it was known as St. Marks then became it Ardwick Association club of football in 1887 before renamed as Manchester City on April 16, 1894.

Real Madrid Kit Url :- The Real Madrid is a popular name of Real Madrid Club de Futbol. It is a multi- purpose spots Spanish Club based in Madrid. The Real Madrid was invented on March 6th, 1902 by Carlos Padros and Juan Padros as the Name Madrid Football Club.

The Best feature in the updated version of dream league soccer is chance to sign licensed players of official fifpro for  developing a strong team enough for launch with other teams. In this game you can build your team with the best players like Aaron Ramsey and Diego Costa. Now you can download the latest logos and kits for the DSL team. In the dream league soccer the device is developed by First Touch Games Ltd.  Dream League Soccer is famous among the football fans played on smart devices.

You can get all these Kits in the Dream League Soccer 2017. On our this post you can get Dream League Soccer 2017 Logo Url and Kits and use that links to build your own team.  This is best game for android users that are football fans and loved a lot to play soccer online. They can build their own team with their own identity of logo and Urls.

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