How to promote your Instagram account

Promoting a business account on Instagram is becoming more and more difficult every year. The main reason is growing competition. You have to try hard to achieve an increase in reach and conversion. However, the growing popularity of Instagram as an advertising platform has its advantages because more and more online services are trying to help users, for example, Instagram post maker on VistaCreate. It allows you to create a bright and attractive post using ready-made templates.

However, despite the growing competition, there are still many methods of effective promotion. We will tell you about them.

 Instagram account

Add hashtags

Don’t forget to add hashtags to every post. They will help you to:

  • find posts in searches; 
  • publish posts in the feeds of users subscribed to these hashtags;
  • create themed collections.


There are several types of hashtags – unique, branded, and high, medium, and low-frequency: 

  • high-frequency hashtags define the overall theme (#coffee, #clothes); 
  • medium-frequency hashtags emphasize a specific topic (#journeytonewyork, #buyingalaptop); 
  • high-frequency hashtags allow you to emphasize a specific moment (#lovetequila, #raininwinter); 
  • branded ones contain the name of a brand or a company (#nike, #apple); 
  • unique ones are used by a specific account owner (#nikesneakers).


It’s best to use the first three types of hashtags. This will make it easier to find posts for possible and current followers. Add no more than 10 hashtags to each post. The maximum number of hashtags allowed is 30, but it’s better not to overdo it so as not to clutter the main text.

Use reciprocal PR in Stories

Find bloggers with about the same number of followers as yours. Invite the profiles’ authors to talk about them in your account, and they’ll talk about your account in return. Stories are the most appropriate tool for this kind of advertising. Stand-alone posts in your feed can be too promotional, but a short video or photo format with comments might be interesting. A face-to-face meeting and interview can add more naturalness. In some cases, reciprocal PR can also be successfully applied to posts.

Arrange joint live streams

A live stream is an opportunity to get closer to your audience, and joint live streams are also a way of exchanging subscribers. You should find the blogger and come up with a topic you’ll discuss (or have a battle). Remember some important points:

  • the themes of the accounts should be related; 
  • it’s best to prepare a script or a plan to avoid pauses in the stream; 
  • warn about streams in advance to gather interested viewers, you can even start a countdown timer.

Comment posts on popular accounts

This is an effective way to promote your Instagram profile for free. All you need to do is to monitor top accounts and leave comments under posts with a high number of views. Ideally, your comments should match the theme of your account. Comments collecting many likes or replies are displayed at the top of the list and attract the most attention.