Team management in Dream League Soccer 2019-2020


Dream League Soccer is most popular football game for for iOS & Android devices. DLS has managed to hit the top with its addictive game-play. It appears in the top 10 results of Google Playstore searches. One of the cool features about this game is Team management in Dream League Soccer 2019-2020 that allows you to create your own team so that you have the set of best players. Learning this feature will allow you to not just select teams, but also allows you to assign roles, change formations, buy & sell players and many more.

At the start it was also tedious for us to manage players, & in this Article we are going to guide you on how to use Team Management feature in Dream League Soccer 2019-2020.

Team Management

In the beginning, you have to choose a captain out of the options given to you by DLS. Further when you take over your team, excluding your captain 10 random players are added to your squad . The games features are very dynamic and the controls are also easy to use. For building a strong team you have to select the best team and keep on winning multiple games to get selected for the next Division.

It is very important to choose the best possible starting line up. You can do that easily by just dragging the player whom you want to change from the starting 11 and dropping him on the player in the substitutes section or vice versa. Keeping in mind, a player should be allowed to play in his preferred position to get the best output. Players in your team will be from different nationalities, but will play together as a team. As you keep on playing with your team, the chemistry between the players keep on increasing, which helps in getting good results.

I would like to suggest making substitutions in between the match. When the players are tired substitute them with other players (same positions recommended). You are allowed to make a maximum of 3 substitutions in a game.  Depending upon the abilities of the players you will have to decide with whom to start. As you start getting new players with high ratings it will be difficult for you to choose. Use your tactics wisely and smartly.

Team management in Dream League Soccer 2019-2020
Team management in Dream League Soccer 2019-2020


Formation is always a key to your playing style, it defines your way of playing. Basically, when you form your team the second most important thing is to choose the best formation for your team. There are 12 different sets of formation available in the Team Management section of your squad. All of the formations are unlocked by default, so you can try each one of them and choose the best fit for your squad.

Each formation has different style of playing, Some of the formations are best for Attacking and some are for Defending. Formation is not the only thing to rely on. But it is important to focus on the formation style, to break through your opponent’s side. Setting an attacking formation can help you score a lot of goals and put your opponent under pressure. On the other side setting a defensive formation can help you in conceding less goals or no goals as each player will have a defensive role to play.

These are few examples of formations which you can use 4-4-2, 4-5-1, 3-5-2.

Team management in Dream League Soccer 2019-2020
Team management in Dream League Soccer 2019-2020

Assign Roles

You can assign roles to the players in this feature. There are different roles to assign such as Captain, Penalty Kick taker, Free Kick taker, Left Corner taker and Right Corner taker. All of the players including this 4 have equal importance as all are playing as a team. But, specific roles can be undertaken by specific players and to assign that roles to the players, this feature is important. Looking forward in Assigning Roles, you need to choose the best player for their roles.

Team management in Dream League Soccer 2019-2020
Team management in Dream League Soccer 2019-2020
  • Captain – Captain is someone who gives strength to his team and always motivates them. Mostly, the best player of your squad or the player with most caps is selected as the captain. So choose the appropriate captain for your team.
  • Penalty Kick Specialist – In  1 vs 1 situations with the keeper the vote is slightly towards the Penalty Kick taker. So, select the player who can score in 1 on 1 situation to avoid missing the penalty. Prefer attackers as penalty kick taker.
  • Free kick Taker – Long range goals or the accuracy hits are the conditions to choose the best free kick taker in your team. Look forward and try to assign the player with most accuracy and long range hits  as the free kick taker to score awesome goals.
  • Left Corner Kick taker –   left corner kick taker is The player who will put a cross from the Left Corner. Accuracy is important while taking a corner kick, swinging the ball towards the goal post can be dangerous for the opposition and can concede.
  • Right Corner Kick taker – I this feature you choose the Right Corner Kick taker. A swinging cross in the crowded box can help your player to head it in your opponent’s goal.

Playing Style

Each user has a Unique playing style, but at some point the user has to make some changes while playing a match. There are three types of playing styles, Attacking, Moderate and Defensive. Each one of them is equally important, you can change the playing style at any point of the match. To keep the attack and defense maintained, select moderate as playing style

Team management in Dream League Soccer 2019-2020
Team management in Dream League Soccer 2019-2020
  • Attacking – Playing with this style can help you score a lot of goals, as all your players are moving forward up the field. The defense also starts moving forward, but it is always a risk if the opponent gets a chance to attack.
  • Moderate – Maintaining the attack and defense is great for your team as the players will also get time to recover from the attack. I personally recommend this playing style as there is less chance of conceding a goal. Try different modes and choose the best.
  • Defensive – Setting your team’s playing style on defensive and using it properly can help you concede almost no goal. In this game of play all your players have a defensive role and denies going high up the field. So try all the three methods and select the best mode for your team

Buy & Sell Players

At a stage you have to bring in new players to perform better. It costs you coins which you earn by playing matches in the Division. Make some changes to your squad by bringing new players and selling players who are not giving good performances. To make your management incredible, you have to buy players for the areas in which your team is weak.

Team management in Dream League Soccer 2019-2020
Team management in Dream League Soccer 2019-2020

Buy a Goalkeeper, just like scoring goals it is important to save goals. You can easily buy a player from the Transfers feature above Team Management. Buying a player with good attributes can help increase your team’s rating when you promote to the next Division. Also read How to Select Dream League Soccer Kits, Logos, Players and Teams.


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