The Causes Of Male Sexual Performance Anxiety And How To Treat It

The Causes Of Male Sexual Performance Anxiety And How To Treat It
The Causes Of Male Sexual Performance Anxiety And How To Treat It

Male sexual performance anxiety is one of the reasons for which guys under the age of 50 have erectile dysfunction problems. And the men who report such issues in their intimate lives are getting younger and younger. It’s even occurring in the lives of guys as young as 20 years old. There are two main reasons for which this can happen. One of them is the busy and stressful work life that we have lately, which affects all aspects of our personal lives. And the other reason is the overconsumption of pornography. We’re going to talk about both these causes and how to fix them. below in this article, we will cover The Causes Of Male Sexual Performance Anxiety And How To Treat It.

Male Sexual Performance Anxiety Caused By A Stressful Environment

With jobs that are getting more and more competitive, young guys who are just starting their careers are faced with an environment that’s way more challenging than their college experience. One of the main indicators of a stressful work environment is the huge number of burn-out syndrome cases that we’re facing these days. But that’s just the end of the rope. Until you get there, you can start suffering from generalized anxiety, caused by high levels of cortisol (the stress hormone), lack of quality sleep and an imbalanced diet.

Anxiety should get dealt with before it’s too late. Scheduling a series of therapy sessions and even taking a break from work to recharge your batteries is crucial. If your sexual anxiety is caused by a stressful work environment, it will go away once you start handling the anxiety triggers in your life.

Porn Induced Sexual Performance Anxiety

The internet porn can be a curse and a bliss at the same time. It helps us explore all spheres of our sexuality, but at the same time, prolonged exposure to hardcore porn can desensitize us to real-life sexual experiences. On the one hand, men tend to compare themselves with other men, and watching porn creates this false idea that guys should have sex for at least 30 minutes without stopping and that the size of their penis should be well-over average. On the other hand, guys start watching porn that’s dirtier and more fetishized, getting their brain used to extreme action, which messes up with the arousal when they have a regular sexual experience. These two factors combined can create sexual performance anxiety, which is a slippery slope. It’s enough to have it happen one time, because that one time it will happen will be a trigger for the future. One thing men in this situation can do is to give up porn for a while. And if they still want to watch it, they should take care of what they watch. Amateur content is always better for them because it’s more realistic. Or maybe they should just admire beautiful women in solo movies. You can find porn recommendations that will help reduce sexual performance anxiety on MrPornGeek or on Snapchat nudes accounts.  

Sexual performance anxiety is not a severe sexual disfunction. Most men go through it at one point in your life. And once you understand what causes it and how to control it, you’ll be ready to fix the issues in the bedroom in no time. But my recommendation is to talk to your therapist about it for professional advice.