Dream League Soccer Kits & Logos 2022 – DLS Kits 2022 [512×512]

The Dream League Soccer is a game that is invented by First Touch Games English Studio for Android & IOS on 25th February 2016.  Initially, it got the name with the invented year that is Dream League Soccer logos & kits 2022, but after October 2016, the name was updated and changed to Dream League Soccer(DLS). Soccer is one of the most popular games that is played by Smartphone users.

In this article, we are going to provide you with Dream League kits [512×512] and Logos 2022. The DLS is a game for android or IOS users which gets millions of downloads in a very short period and got high responses from all the gamers over the globe.

If you like to have your own soccer team where you can manage your team according to you and select the logos and kits as per your choice, then the Dream League Soccer is one of the best options for you.  Not in the real existing world but in virtual life you will have your own team. In this DLS arena, you will get a team with super weak members, with the choice to recruit two strong team members.

The first job you have to do is being the manager of a team called Dream FC., which has the players within the squad. The main ambition as an owner is to put your team in the top positions after the completion of your seasonal task.

You have to bring your team to the top by ranking up to division, the Elite Division where all the famous clubs gather. The more matches you win, the more your team will become stronger. Before winning the match you just need to motivate your team to get stronger than before. The Player of DLS is free to change the setting for the DLS 2022 Logo & kits and jersey according to their choice.

Note: We provides URL’s for each and every team along with kits and One logo URL as well. So you just need to open the particular team url and Get all kits with their URL’s

Below you gonna find the links to the kits for Dream League Soccer 2022 you are looking for. All you have to do is just go through the links below and find your dream kits and logos attached with download URLs. The following list includes International team kits & logos, Premier League kits & logos, La Liga kits & logos, Serie A kits & logos, Bundesliga kits, European kits, American kits, African kits, Asian kits, Malaysia Liga Super kits & much more.

Dream League Soccer Kits & Logos 2021 – 2022

La Liga Dls Kits 

La Liga, also known as Primera Division is a world-famous Spanish Football League that has many professional teams with a bunch of talented players. I have added all the latest kits and logos with easy URLs to download. Catch all your favorite teams right here.

Athletic Bilbao Kits & Logos 2022

Atletico Madrid Kits & Logos 2022

Barcelona Kits & Logos 2022

Deportivo Kits & Logos 2022

Getafe Kits & Logos 2022

Girona Kits & Logos 2022

Huesca Kits & Logos 2022

Real Betis Kits & Logos 2022

Real Madrid Kits & Logos 2022

Real Valladolid Kits & Logos 2022

Rayo Vallecano Kits & Logos 2022

Sevilla FC Kits & Logos 2022 

Valencia CF Kits Kits & Logos 2022

Serie A League Dls Kits

Serie A is yet another world-famous football league which a part of the Italian professional football system. Most of the clubs under this league are so popular around the globe that forced to come up with their latest kits below. Start browsing from here:

AC Milan 2018 Kits & Logos

AS Roma 2018 Kits & Logos

S.S. Lazio 2018 Kits & Logos

Inter Milan 2018 Kits & Logos

Juventus 2018 Kits & Logos

Napoli 2018 Kits & Logos

Bundesliga Dls Kits

Bundesliga is a professional football league, which holds in Germany, and has the highest worldwide average stadium attendance and also broadcasting to over 200 countries. That’s how big is Bundesliga. Honestly speaking, I don’t follow this league on daily basis, however, there are many who may follow. So, I decided to add the latest kits of the most famous clubs just for you.

Bayer Leverkusen 2018 Kits & Logos

FC Bayern Munich 2018 Kits & Logos

Borussia Dortmund 2018 Kits & Logos

RB Leipzig 2018 Kits & Logos

Schalke 04 2018 Kits & Logos

SV Werder Bremen 2018 Kits & Logos

Ligue 1 Dls Kits 

Ligue 1, also known as Conforama, is a widely popular league that comes under French Football System and also currently ranks 5th in national leagues. This brought me to search for the best dream league soccer kits of a few famous clubs playing under Ligue 1.

(PSG) Persian Saint Germain 2018 Kits & Logos

AS Monaco FC 2018 Kits & Logos

Olympique de Marseille 2018 Kits & Logos

Olympique Lyonnais 2018 Kits & Logos

European League Dls Kits

Get your favorite European clubs from Greece, Portugal, and Scotland followed by other European countries. Below is a list containing kits & logos that you will  love to add to your collection.

AEK F.C. 2018 Kits & Logos

S.L Benfica 2018 Kits & Logos

AZ Alkmaar 2018 Kits & Logos

Celtic F.C. 2018 Kits & Logos

CSKA Sofia 2018 Kits & Logos

F.C. Porto 2018 Kits & Logos

Fulham F.C. 2018 Kits & Logos

Galatasaray S.K. 2018 Kits & Logos

Panathinaikos F.C. 2018 Kits & Logos

S.L. Benfica 2018 Kits & Logos

FTS15-Sporting CP 2018 Kits & Logos

Zenit St Petersburg 2018 Kits & Logos

Dream League Soccer Kits & Logos, All American Region Major League Soccer

In the United States, soccer is considered to be the third most played team sport in the USA. Because of its popularity, I decided to add all the famous professional league teams kits and logos. Please have a look at it below. You gonna love it.

Chicago Fire 2018 Kits & Logos

F.C. Dallas 2018 Kits & Logos

LA Galaxy 2018 Kits & Logos

New York City F.C. 2018 Kits & Logos

New York Red Bulls 2018 Kits & Logos

Seattle Sounders F.C. 2018 Kits & Logos

Toronto F.C. 2018 Kits & Logos

Sabah Fa 2018 Kits & Logos

Boca Juniors 2018 Kits & Logos

Club América 2018 Kits & Logos

Cruz Azul 2018 Kits & Logos

African Leagues Dls Kits

We can find there are many Africans signing into FIFA and making a huge fanbase because of their veteran skills. Browse through their league teams. Sure you will like those.

Senegal Dls kits & logo 2022

The Best feature in the updated version of dream league soccer is the chance to sign licensed players of the official FIFA pro for developing a strong team enough for launch with other teams. In this game, you can build your team with the best players like Christiano Ronaldo and Neymar Junior. Now you can download the latest logos and kits for the DSL team. The dream league soccer is developed by First Touch Games Ltd.  Dream League Soccer is famous among football fans, who play on their smart devices.

Many of the users already know how to import the URLs, but a few still don’t know how to go about the process of importing the Logo using URLs.  Below are some instructions that need to be followed to import the Dream League Soccer Logo URLs:-

How To Download Dls 2022 Kits 512×512

  • Check our website to find Dream League Soccer Kits & Logos
  • Select your desired Kits
  • Copy the <Image URL>

Once you have copied the image URL Open the game and follow the below steps.

  • Open Game & click on the tools icon at the top, which is located immediately after the settings icon

how to download dls kit 1

  • Select <Edit Kit>

how to download dls kit 2

  • Click on <Custom Kit>
  • Paste the URL in the text box

how to download dls kit 3

  • Click on <Confirm>

After following the steps, you will see the kits on your screen. From the next match, you will be able to use the kits that you have just downloaded.

How to Download Dls 2022 logo 512×512

To replace the current logo of your DLS Team with the new logo of your choice you have to follow the below instructions.

  • To start with, Open the Dream League Soccer  2022 App on your mobile
  • Then go through Team Management where you get various options such as Player Development, Dream FC Stadium, Statics, Customize Team, Objective, and training.
  • Select <Edit Logo>
  • Click on <Custom Logo>
  • Paste the URL in the text box
  • Click on <Confirm>
  • Your dream league soccer logo is downloaded successfully.

The Dream League Soccer Logo is done by the logo design and the DLS Kits was made as per the orders of visitor that is completely free and if you want to place an order for a customize Dream League Soccer Kits or logos. The Main Important thing about the Dream League Soccer game is that in this we can change our team identity by changing their logos and kits as per our choices and making them an attractive look.


Hope you guys got the working URLs for dream league soccer kits & team logos. If anything has to correct from my side please let me know. Keep following our blog for more upcoming updates and news.

Also, share with your friends who play the same game.

If anything else to be added please let us know through your comments. Am glad to help you out!