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Perak Kits 2018

Perak Kits 2018:  The football team perak is populerly known as  Perak The Bos Gaurus. This team usually wears yellow and black or white for shirts, shorts and socks. Now it is coming with the following kits for upcoming 2018 matches.

The below kits can be used for your favourite dream league soccer kits 2018 team. If you want to see the perak kits then scroll down the cursor and watch them.

Perak 2018 Kits With 512×512

To use these kits Open Game and My Club > Customise Team > Click on Edit Kit > Then click on Download and paste the URL here which you copied from this site.


Perak Kits Home DLS 2018

Perak Kits (Home) 2018


Perak Kits Away DLS 2018

Perak Kits (Away) 2018


Perak Kits Goalkeeper Home DLS 2018

Perak Kits (Goalkeeper Home) 2018


Perak Kits Goalkeeper Away DLS 2018

Logo Of Perak Kits 2018


Perak FA Logo DLS 2018

The above mentioned kits are for the perak team. The perak kits 2018 are coming with the above logo’s and styles. You may watch them with the provided images. Get ready for the match with your favourite dream league soccer kits 2018.

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