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Selangor Kits 2018

Selangor Kits 2018: The selengor football association was established on 22 feb 1936. It is a malaysian country club and there it has successful journey there. Its nickname is “THE RED GIANTS”. It played a lot of matches since its establishment. Now it is focusing on the 2018 matches. For that they are preparing their kits.

In the below you can see them. Also that kits can be used in your dream league soccer 2018. Just have look at the kits. We included all the kits with their images.

Selangor 2018 Kits With 512×512

These are the kits which selangor team going to use them in their upcoming matches. You can see there their images and their URL’s. These URL’s will help you to get the kits from their official site.

Selangor Kits (Home) 2018


Selangor Kits Home DLS 2018

Selangor Kits (Away) 2018


Selangor Kits Away DLS 2018

Selangor Kits (Third) 2018


Selangor Kits Third DLS 2018

Selangor Kits (Goalkeeper) 2018


Selangor Kits Goalkeeper DLS 2018

Selangor Kits (Goalkeeper) 2018


Selangor Kits Goalkeeper DLS 2018

Logo Of Selangor Kits 2018


Selangor Logo DLS 2018

With the above mentioned kits the selangor football team going to play their all matches in 2018. So you can use Selangor Kits 2018 by using the above URL’s and you can use them for your dream league soccer 2018 also.

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