Dream League Soccer Croatia Kits and Logos 2019-2020 – [512X512]


In this article, you can find and download Dream League Soccer Croatia 512×512 Kits and Logos 2019-2020 Edition with URLs.

Croatia is a very popular football team in Europe and now you can get the latest  Kits & logo that you can use in your favorite game Dream League Soccer 2019 (DLS 18) – 512×512 Croatia Kits URL 2019 World Cup.

These kits are for fans of Croatia national team. Vatreni is the Nickname of the team which means The Blazers. In football world cups and other championships, Croatia team has not a very good record. The URL of Croatia logo 512Ă—512 is very trendy. In 1998 football world cup Croatia team ranked on the 3rd place. In European Championship, this team again become in 5th place. For the grand competition, the national football team of Croatia is Hrvatska nogometna reprezentacija and has successfully qualified.

The Head coach of Team Croatia is Zlatko Dalic in football world cup 2019. From Croatia Luka Modric is the captain in football world cup 2019. The top scorer of Team Croatia is Davor Suker. The home stadium of team Croatia is the Stadion Maksimir, Zagreb. In football world ranking, the Croatia team ranking on 15th position. A very amazing World Cup 2019 Kits Croatia has.

In Europe, Croatia is the oldest football team. Everyone is a big fan of Croatia, so plays dream league soccer and wants to make specially 512Ă—512 Croatia DLS world cup kits.

Dream League Soccer Croatia Kits and Logos – DLS 512X512

The dream league soccer kits 512Ă—512 urls of World cup 2019 Croatia are beautiful and attractive and can be downloaded the customized kits with the help of simple URL. Croatian team uniform is also manufactured and sponsored by Nike like many other teams.

All Croatia Kits & logo can be downloadable. Also, you can get National Team Kits. There are 2 types of kits available which are home and away type kits that have the same design but the color is different. All Goalkeeper kits are also included. Get the latest kits and logos from below now.

Croatia Home Kit 2019

URL 👉https://i.imgur.com/FQv6KO4.png

dream league soccer croatia home kit


Croatia Away Kit 2019

URL 👉https://i.imgur.com/G2cTNBJ.png

dream league soccer croatia away kit


Croatia Goalkeeper(GK) Home Kit 2019

URL 👉https://i.imgur.com/mit5mMy.png

dream league soccer croatia gk home kit


Croatia Goalkeeper(GK) Away Kit 2019

URL 👉https://i.imgur.com/JJKBxV9.png

dream league soccer croatia gk away kit


Croatia Team Logo 2019

URL 👉https://i.imgur.com/G5fOKsQ.png

dream league soccer croatia team logo


How to Use/Upload Kits & Logos into Your DLS 18 Game Play

This can be done by following these simple steps

  • To use Croatia Kits/Logos, open your Game in Android or IOS
  • GoTo My Club > Customise Team > Click on Edit Kit/Logo.
  • Click on option “Download” left below the corner.
  • Afterward, just paste the desired URL there which you copied from above.
  • Finally, tap on “Confirm” button on right below the corner.


All the Croatia DLS 2019 kits & logo are tested and working successfully. You can come and download those anytime. In case any errors pop up just let me know through your comments below. Happy to help.

Enjoy Gaming 🎮

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