Dream League Soccer Argentina Kits and Logos 2019-2020 – [512X512]


In this article, you can find and download Dream League Soccer Argentina Kits and Logos 2019-2020 – [512X512] with URLs.

Argentine Football Association controls The Argentina national football team. This team’s home stadium is at Estadio Monumental Antonio Vespucio Liberti in Buenos Aires. Argentina won the match which was held in 1978 with the Netherlands. In 1986 it has beaten West Germany. Now it is coming with a new team and with new kits. You can see Argentina Kits 2019 from the below-provided list.

Are you a big fan of Argentina? Are you looking for Argentina kits & logo to be used in the game of Dream League Soccer 2019 (DLS 19)? If yes then this is the right place for you. This complete kit includes home kit, away kit, Goalkeeper kit(GK), away Goalkeeper kit followed by team logo.

Before checking out official team kit you may be also interested in getting Boca Juniors Kits – All time favorite Argentine professional football club based in La Boca neighborhood of Buenos Aires.

Dream League Soccer Argentina Kits and Logos – DLS 512X512

The below-mentioned kits & logos are the official kits of Argentina made for the game Dream League Soccer 2019. Those are the same kits the team going to use in upcoming matches throughout the year. You can also check out other kits for your dream league soccer 2019. So once watch them and select which you would like to use.

Let us start with the home kit…

Argentina Kits (Home) 2019

URL 👉 https://i.imgur.com/V9fSa3t.png

Argentina home kits


Argentina Kits (Away) 2019

URL 👉 https://i.imgur.com/BHhX1Jp.png

Argentina away kits


Argentina Kits (Home Goalkeeper) 2019

URL 👉 https://i.imgur.com/maIkYbB.png

Argentina goal keeper home kits


Argentina Kits (Away Goalkeeper) 2019

URL 👉  https://i.imgur.com/RenIOK3.png

Argentina goal keeper away kits


Logo Of Argentina Team 2019

 URL👉 http://i.imgur.com/3LnbgJS.png

Argentina Team Logo for DLS

The above are the kits which Argentina going to use for all tournaments in 2019. These are creating a trending style in the dream league soccer kits so you can use them for your dream league soccer 2019.

How to Use/Upload Kits & Logos into Your DLS 19 Game Play

You can do this by following these steps

  • To use Kits/Logos, open your Game in Android or IOS
  • GoTo My Club > Customise Team > Click on Edit Kit/Logo.
  • Click on option “Download” left below the corner.
  • Afterward, just paste the desired URL there which you copied from above.
  • Finally, tap on “Confirm” button on right below the corner.


Hope you enjoyed and downloaded the latest kits 2019 for the game DLS 19. I know there are many Argentina fans who badly wants to use their jerseys in the game of Dream League Soccer. That’s why am helping out each one of you to make it possible.

Enjoy Gaming 🎮

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