Escape from Tarkov Survival Tips: Strategies for Staying Alive

Escape from Tarkov Survival Tips

Escape from Tarkov is a Thriller game where you are challenged to escape the city and your life. It is a story-based game and contains a session of matches. This game can be played solo or in a group. This game consists of three modes: online PMC raid, Scavengers raid, and temporary offline mode. The game is full of danger.

AI scavs and human players inhabit this game to fill the world. In this game, the missions are known as Raids. It is a tricky game; you must be conscious while sighting and aiming. You must also apply eft cheats with aimbot and hacks to win the game. This article will provide tips for improving your accuracy and precision. 

Tips and strategies for staying alive

Surviving in the thrilling game is a challenging task. So, here we will talk about tips to help you stay alive and escape raids with loot. The 0.12 patch significantly changed the game in many ways, both big and small. 

Addition of some new mechanics that work against you to make things more complicated but also the addition of things you can use to recover from setbacks and regain your footing. The tips are not guaranteed to save you 100% because it depends on your gameplay style, but they will definitely increase your survival. Let’s go through the tips.

Track your hydration and energy levels.

It is a quick tip that is also important because the players often forget to check their hydration and energy levels before returning to a raid. For most of Tarkovs lifetime, both the meters filled up entirely after each raid which means you only need to worry about while fighting. 

With the addition of a 0.12 patch, all has changed. You need to keep tabs on both hydration and energy levels at all times. After the acquisition, your energy level drains faster than before, almost with your hydration level, and the effects of fatigue are as crippling as dehydration. Your vision darkens once your energy level drops to zero, and your HP drains extremely fast. 

It puts a hard time on your raid if you cannot find some life-saving crackers and tuna fish for yourself. So, the first step to keeping your PMC alive and preventing untimely death due to starvation or dehydration is to keep these meters above 80% and check them before you head out to raid and eat a well-balanced diet of crackers herrings and an entire pack of sugar cubes. 

Buy a surgical kit if you can hold one

Out of all the new items and mechanics added in patch 0.12, we recommend you have an additional CMS kit and su RV 12 surgical kit. These will restore the function and health of a blacked-out limb, removing whatever debuff it adds to your character and letting you regain almost full strength after taking an extensive injury. 

These items can turn raid-ending wounds into a minor nuisance and get back on task after an early raid gunfight with PMCs or an unfortunate encounter with scabs on the way to the loot zone. It also gives you the convenience of fixing a blacked leg so you can run again or a black stomach so you do not get dehydrated. 

The su RV 12 kit takes up three slots and has 15 uses giving a much longer lifespan than the CMS kit. Repairing a limb with this kit restores it to about 90% HP instead of 50%, making it more effective overall. 

Maximize your metabolism.

It is a helpful skill in Eascape from Tarcov. If you max out the skills completely, you will remember all your physical abilities permanently. You can max it out quickly because it is easy to do. Just eat up any food you come across, and your metabolism will increase rapidly.


 In conclusion, Survival is tricky because many obstacles come while raiding and looting, but you can overcome them by following the tips and tricks mentioned above. It is a thrilling game where you must survive for a long time to win. This article will help you win the game with a probability of increased survival.