Dream League Soccer Mexico Kits and Logos 2019-2020 – [512X512]


In this article, you can find and download Dream League Soccer Mexico 512×512 Kits and Logos 2019-2020 Edition with URLs.

Mexico had played its first match with Guatemala. Mexico won that match by one goal it means 3-2. In 1923 there were three matches those matches were played on these dates December 9, 12, and 16 in that matches Mexico was got 2-1, 2-0 and 3-3 respectively.

In 1965 Mexico got the CONCACAF championship to acquire continental championship. Mexico won the world cup from its competitor soviet union in 1970. These are the past successful news of Mexico. Now, Mexico is preparing for the next series which will be starting in 2019.

They are coming with Mexico kits 2019. We are listing the kits here. So you can take them or you can get them from the below list. We are providing not only kits images also their URL’s, Logo. Just see them below.

Dream League Soccer Mexico Kits and Logos – DLS 512X512

In the below, we are giving all the kits and logo’s including their URL’s. So this is the correct place to get the Mexico world cup kits 2019 & last year kits. We have listed four kits and one logo. There are no more Mexico kits 2019 will create more interest in you for your favourite team in dream league soccer 2019.

Mexico World Cup Home Kit 2019

URL 👉https://i.imgur.com/095ks0u.png

dream league soccer mexico home kit

Mexico World Cup Goalkeeper(GK) Home Kit 2019

URL 👉https://i.imgur.com/lKhVxh2.png

dream league soccer mexico gk home kit

Want to get professional football club kits based in Mexico? Here are a few of them:

👉 Club America Kits

👉 Cruz Azul FC Kits

More new kits on its way. Follow us to get it first. Also, below am adding last year kits of the Mexican team.

Mexico Kits (Home) 2019

URL 👉http://i.imgur.com/nXwb7iW.png

dls mexico home kit


Mexico Kits ( Away) 2019

URL 👉http://i.imgur.com/ovA7z2V.png

DLS Mexico Kits Away


Mexico Kits (Home Goalkeeper) 2019

URL 👉http://i.imgur.com/l2NxDUl.png

Mexico Kits Home Goalkeeper 2018


Mexico Kits (Away Goalkeeper) 2019

URL 👉http://i.imgur.com/gxebC4F.png

Mexico Kits Away Goalkeeper 2018


Logo Of Mexico Team 

URL 👉http://i.imgur.com/ev49fRz.png

Mexico Team Logo 2018

From the above-listed images, you can get all the group of Mexico kits 2019. If you want to get them you have a path that is URL’s. These URL’s will give you all the Mexico DLS kits 2019. So you can choose them by watching the images.

How to Use/Upload Kits & Logos into Your DLS 19 Game Play

This can be done by following these simple steps

  • To use Mexico Kits/Logos, open your Game in Android or IOS.
  • GoTo My Club > Customise Team > Click on Edit Kit/Logo.
  • Click on option “Download” left below the corner.
  • Afterward, just paste the desired URL there which you copied from above.
  • Finally, tap on “Confirm” button on right below the corner.


Hope you find new Mexico world cup kits very much helped you to add into your DLS 18 game. Also, you find easy for you to get last year Mexico team kits. If any of the above URLs not working then please let me know through the comment section below.

Enjoy Gaming 🎮

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