DLS USA Kits and Logos with URLs 2018 – 2019-2020


Recently after conducting a small survey am happy to know many of US fellow people are very much interested to get DLS USA Kits and Logos. Therefore, here is my giveaway for USA soccer fans. Use those official national kit and win tournaments with pride.

USA official international soccer team is also known as USMNT. As per reports, United States has hosted a total of 14 Gold Cup tournaments out of which they bagged 6 of them. In 2002, World Cup, USA team has reached Quarterfinals where they lost to Germany.

Another achievement by USA football team was reaching the finals in Confederation cup in 2009 where they lost again to Brazil. If you are a fan of USA football team and wanna add more informational content about them then please do contact me so that we can make this post more rich info.

DLS USA Kits and Logos (512×512) with URLs to Download

Below in this post, you can get DLS USA kits along with DLS USA logo which we made exclusively for USA soccer fans. Kits include home & away kits for both players & goalkeeper. Please note that I couldn’t find the third kit if am getting it definitely I will add it later.

USA official team kits are so gorgeous which is manufactured and sponsored by Nike. All the size of kits & logo is of 512×512. All you have to do is just copy paste the URL and upload into your game. For detailed instructions can be found below.

Check it & start grabbing your loved kits…

USA Home Kit 2018 – 2019-2020


dream league soccer usa kits home


USA Away Kit 2018 – 2019-2020


dream league soccer usa kits away


USA Goalkeeper Home Kit 2018 – 2019-2020

Coming Soon….


USA Goalkeeper Away Kit 2018 – 2019-2020

Not yet released…


USA Team Logo 2018 – 2019-2020


dream league soccer usa team logo

How to Use/Upload Kits & Logos into Your DLS 18 Game Play

This can be done by following these simple steps

  • To use USA Kits/Logos, open your Game in Android or IOS
  • GoTo My Club > Customise Team > Click on Edit Kit/Logo
  • Click on option “Download” left below the corner
  • Afterward, just paste the desired URL there which you copied from above
  • Finally, tap on “Confirm” button on right below the corner


All the above mentioned USA kits & logo for Dream League Soccer 2019 is tested & working successfully so far. You can come here anytime & download those kits for free. In case any unknown errors come, just let me know through your comments below. Happy to help.

Enjoy Gaming 🎮

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