Top 100 FIFA Teams in April 2023

FIFA Teams

The Fédération Internationale De Football Association (FIFA) is made up of 209 football club members worldwide. FIFA has become one of the most highly respected and popular sports organizations internationally speaking. 

These are the FIFA rankings as of April 2023. The next ranking update will be released towards the end of July 2023. 

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The Top 50 FIFA Teams

The 50 highest-ranked teams are as follows:

1. Argentina11. Morocco21. Peru31. Chile41. Ecuador
2. France12. Switzerland22. Sweden32. Austria42. Cameroon
3. Brazil13. United States23. Poland33. Hungary43. Turkey
4. Belgium14. Germany24. Iran34. Algeria44. Norway
5. England15. Mexico25. Serbia35. Egypt45. Côte d’Ivoire
6. Netherland16. Uruguay26. Wales36. Scotland46. Slovakia
7. Croatia17. Colombia27. Korea Republic37. Russia47. Romania
8. Italy18. Senegal28. Tunisia38. Czechia48. Canada
9. Portugal19. Denmark29. Australia39. Costa Rica49. Republic of Ireland
10. Spain20. Japan30. Ukraine40. Nigeria50. Burkina Faso

Explanation of the Top 50 Ranked Teams

Argentina has maintained the highest echelon spot in FIFA rankings since April 2023 when they hit 1,840.93 points. At one point, Brazil was at the top before Argentina took the spot. Brazil is now in third place in the overall rankings. 

Recent wins and losses have changed rankings within the top 10 highest-ranking FIFA teams. France went from #3 to #2 since the last published rankings were released, which explains Brazil’s new placement in the third position. 

Further down the list, Hungary, Austria, Algeria, Egypt, and Scotland have all raised their positions since the last announced rankings. Côte d’Ivoire, Romania, and Canada have also raised their ranking positions. 

Canada’s substantial 11.02 point increase and Romania’s 11.94 point increase are some of the greatest improvements that helped to land them in the top 50. Algeria made one of the most remarkable improvements within the new top 50 rankings with a 17.47-point increase. Scotland saw a boost of 23.58 points. 

Denmark experienced a serious dip in their ranking decreasing by 13.58 points, but they are still in the top 50. Cameroon’s decrease of 29.09 points was the most damaging, but the hit has not thrown them out of the 50 best-performing teams. 

FIFA Rankings for the Next 50 FIFA Teams

The rankings for the next 50 best-performing teams are as follows: 

    1. Slovakia
    2. Greece
    3. Mali
    4. Saudi Arabia
    5. Venezuela
    6. Finland
    7. Bosnia and Herzegovina
    8. Panama
    9. Slovenia
    10. Ghana
    11. Qatar
    12. Northern Ireland
    13. Jamaica
    14. Iceland
    15. North Macedonia
    16. South Africa
    17. Iraq
    18. Albania
    19. Montenegro
    20. Congo DR
    21. Cabo Verde
    22. United Arab Emirates 
    23. Oman
    24. Uzbekistan
    25. El Salvador
    26. Bulgaria
    27. Georgia
    28. Israel
    29. Guinea
    30. Honduras
    31. China PR
    32. Gabon
    33. Bolivia
    34. Jordan
    35. Bahrain
    36. Zambia
    37. Haiti
    38. Curacao
    39. Uganda
    40. Syria
    41. Luxembourg
    42. Benin
    43. Palestine
    44. Equatorial Guinea
    45. Vietnam
    46. Kyrgyz Republic
    47. Armenia
    48. Belarus
    49. Lebanon
    50. New Zealand

Explanation Of Teams Ranked #51 to #100 

Bulgaria experienced the largest decrease in points of 20.97 points within this portion of the rankings list. On the other hand, Zambia improved the most with a 15.87-point increase since the last reported rankings.

Oman, Uzbekistan, Georgia, Guinea, Honduras, and Luxembourg are some of the nations that were able to increase their rankings. Benin, Belarus, Armenia, and other nations saw decreases in their rankings. 

More Changes To Come!

Stay tuned for the next FIFA rankings update in July 2023!