Dream League Soccer Kelantan Kits and Logos 2019-2020 – [512X512]


In this article, you can find and download Dream League Soccer (DLS) Kelantan Kits and Logos 2019-2020 Edition with URLs.

The Kelantan professional football association is popularly known as the red warriors. This association was founded in 1946 in the Malaysia state of Kelantan. From Malaysia state, the Kelantan team participated in 2005. At that time this team only played on behalf of Malaysian state football association teams. Now the huge sponsors are coming with a lot of investment for them. This Kelantan team is ready to prove themselves as red warriors. They are coming with new dream league kits for upcoming 2019 matches. We gathered all of them for you. You can see them in the below list.

In the list of Kelantan Kits 2019, we provided all kits with their relevant URL’s These kits can also be used for your dream league soccer 2019. If you have any curiosity on this you can see the listed kits from the below lines.

To use these kits Open Game and My Club > Customise Team > Click on Edit Kit > Then click on Download and paste the URL here which you copied from this site.

Dream League Soccer Kelantan Kits and Logos with URLs to Download

The below-mentioned list is all about the Kelantan kits 2019. In 2019 all matches they will be going to wear below-listed kits. You can observe them with their images.

Kelantan Kits (Home) 2019


Kelantan Kits Home DLS 2018

Kelantan Kits (Home V2) 2019


Kelantan Kits Home V2 DLS 2018

Kelantan Kits (Home V3) 2019


Kelantan Kits Home V3 DLS 2018

Kelantan Kits (Away) 2019


Kelantan Kits Away DLS 2018

Kelantan Kits (Third (Unofficial)) 2019


Kelantan Kits Third (Unofficial) DLS 2018

Kelantan Kits (Goalkeeper Home) 2019


Kelantan Kits Goalkeeper Home 2018 DLS

Kelantan Kits (Goalkeeper Away) 2019


Kelantan Kits Goalkeeper Away DLS 2018

Kelantan Kits (Goalkeeper Third) 2019


Kelantan Kits Goalkeeper Third DLS 2018

Logo Of Kelantan Kits 2019


Kelantan FA Logo DLS LOGO

The mentioned all are the Kelantan kits 2019. These kits will be going to wear by the Kelantan football association team. These kits you also can use for your dream league soccer kits 2019.

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